About the holidays of public facilities and medical institutions during the year-end and New Year holidays


Year-end and New Year holidays of Niseko Town public facilities and transportation within, medical institutions holiday has become as follows. We hope you all have a good year.
[Town hall]
■ Holidays / December 31st (Thursday) -January 5th (Tuesday)
* Family register-related notifications are accepted even on holidays.
[Arishima Memorial Hall]
■ Closed days / December 31st (Thursday) -January 5th (Tuesday)
[General Gymnasium / Townsman Center]
■ Closed days / December 31st (Thursday) -January 5th (Tuesday)
[Infant Center]
■ Holidays / December 31st (Thursday) -January 5th (Tuesday)
[Garbage collection]
Please dispose of garbage during the year-end and New Year holidays to each garbage station on the designated garbage collection day until Wednesday, 30th.
■ Holidays / December 31st (Thursday) -January 3rd (Sunday)
* The recyclable waste storage will not be available from December 31st (Thursday) to January 3rd (Sunday). Please be careful.
[Day Service Center]
We will continue to work as usual from January 4th (Monday).
■ Holidays / December 31st (Thursday) -January 3rd (Sunday)
■ Inquiries / Niseko Town Day Service Center
[Smiley BUS]
There are no holidays during the year-end and New Year holidays. Hours of operation are from 8 am to 7 pm and reservations are required in advance.
[scheduled bus]
Operating hours may change or be suspended on some flights. Please contact each bus company before using.
■ Niseko Bus
■ Donan Bus
[School bus]
The school bus will be closed during the winter vacation of the schools in the town. Please be careful of the general public who use the school bus when going to or leaving school. In addition, we will provide extra flights according to the event schedule of each school.
■ Suspension period / December 26th (Sat) -January 14th (Thursday)
■ Inquiries / School Education Division School Education Section
[Medical institution]
[Niseko Clinic]
■ Closed days / December 29th (Tuesday) -January 3rd (Sunday)
Kikuchi Dental
■ Closed days / December 29th (Tuesday) -January 4th (Monday)
(Since the morning of January 5th is a home visit, the general public will start from the afternoon of the 5th)
Niseko dentistry
■ Closed days / December 29th (Tuesday) -January 4th (Monday)
■ On-duty hospital during dental leave / as follows
timeClinic in chargeStreet addressTEL:
Wednesday, December 30Fuji Dental ClinicKigoromachi0136-31-2141
December 31 (Thursday)Municipal dental clinicRondokoshi0136-57-5181
Friday, January 1, 2021Kimobetsu DentalKigoromachi0136-31-2511
Saturday, January 2Bunanomori Rainbow Dental ClinicKuromatsunai Town0136-77-2216
January 3 (Sun)Nakagawa Dental ClinicKutchan0136-23-2200

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