About the questionnaire result with the maintenance of the rural park (Chibikko Square) water supply facility


A workshop was held on September 18th of this year based on the questionnaire survey and basic plan that have been conducted since last year regarding the redevelopment of water play facilities. Therefore, we proposed two types of water play facilities, one based on stone and one using colorful rubber mats, and conducted a questionnaire survey on October 12. As a result, we are pleased to inform you that it has become a stone-clad water play facility.

・ Questionnaire target: 49 parents, 41 children, 9 childcare workers
* Red sticker: Guardian Green sticker: Nursery teacher Yellow sticker: Child

·Questionnaire results
Stone type 61 people (62%) Rubber mat 38 people (38%)

● Advantages and disadvantages of stone-clad type
Benefits: In harmony with nature. It can be used as a plaza even when there is no water.
Disadvantage: It is sober because it has a calm color tone.

〇Advantages and disadvantages of rubber mat type
Benefits: It looks gorgeous and gives a clean impression.
Disadvantages: When there is no water, the rubber will be damaged, so protect it with a sheet. It will be necessary to replace the rubber mat in 3 to 5 years.

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