Oldness and charm rediscovery! Campaign in progress! (Organizer: Hokkaido)

(No application required) Sightseeing / Events

To those who live in Shiribeshi
Oldness and charm rediscovery! Campaign in progress! (Organizer: Hokkaido)

On the road, the local economy that was greatly affected by the COVID-19
To rejuvenate, enjoy the "Hometown and Rediscovery! Campaign" to enjoy locally
We carry out every promotion station unit.
 Shiribeshi jurisdiction"Circle" and "Post" to get local luxury prizes!

◆ Implementation period
Phase 1 August 7 (Fri)-September 14 (Mon)
Second term Saturday, September 19 to Monday, November 9

◆Participation requirements
Only those who live in Shiribeshi area can participate.
* A smartphone is required to participate.

◆Campaign content
◇Rediscovering oldness and charm! Smartphone stamp rally
A mobile stamp rally using a smartphone. Check 24 places in Shiribeshi
Rediscover the charm of Shiribeshi through the points!
*The right to win prizes will be granted at 6 or more check points.

◇Rediscovering oldness and charm! Hometown timeline (SNS posting)
The food and scenery in Shiribeshi jurisdiction, the state of practice of New Hokkaido style, on Instagram,
Please post it on Twitter with "#Furukan_Shirishi General Promotion Bureau"!
Don't forget to follow the official account!
It's OK to add hashtags to already posted photos.
・Official Instagram:@furusato_tl
・Official Twitter:@furusato_tl

◆Introduction of luxurious prizes (lottery)
◇ Stamp rally prize
24 locations 10 people worth 30,000 yen
18 places Equivalent to 15,000 yen 20 people
12 places Equivalent to 10,000 yen 30 people
Six places worth ¥5,000 75 people

◇ SNS dispatch
Equivalent to 10,000 yen 50 people

◇For more information, go to "Rediscovering Furusato Charm! Campaign Website"!

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