News of the 191st town development townsman lecture "Imagata Crossroads: Catastrophe and economic fate seen from energy selection"

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In recent years, global warming has progressed rapidly and many serious weather disasters have occurred. Renewable energies such as solar power generation and wind power generation are attracting attention as one of the measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and we would like to promote the introduction of renewable energy projects that are beneficial to the region even in Niseko Town thinking about.
What is renewable energy in the first place? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the introduction? What does promoting utilization mean for our lives and local economies?
Therefore, in order to learn about renewable energy in an easy-to-understand manner and answer such questions, we decided to hold a townsman lecture. We look forward to a large number of participants.
When participating, please wear a mask to prevent new coronavirus infection, and refrain from participation if you have a cough, fever, or physical condition.

■ Date and time 2020 Thursday, August 6th, 6pm-7:30pm
■Place Niseko Central Warehouse Group Old starch factory (Niseko Town Chuo-dori 60-2)
■Lecturer Takemi Chiku, Principal, Hokkaido Vocational Ability Development College
■Participation fee/application Free entry/no prior application required
■If you would like to use the childcare service, please apply to the "Contact Information" below by Tuesday, August 4.
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Niseko Town Office Planning and Environment Section Eco-Model City Promotion Section (Person in charge: Sasaki, Kashiwagi)
Residence: 47, Fujimi, Niseko Town 048-1595
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*You can download the leaflet below.