About holding a consultation in Niseko by the Hokkaido Foreigners' Consultation Center


A travel counseling session will be held by the Hokkaido Alien Center on the following schedule.
If you have any problems, such as a foreigner residing, or anyone involved, please take this opportunity to make use of it.
For professional consultations with administrative scriveners, please register in advance (by Friday, July 10).

Outline of "Hokkaido Alien Center Mobility Conference in Niseko"
Holding date and time: 2020 Monday, July 20 from 13:00 to 17:00
Venue: Niseko Town residents Center Great Hall (Niseko Town character Fujimi 95 address)
Inquiries: Hokkaido Alien Center (in (Hokkaido) Hokkaido International Exchange and Cooperation Center)

For details please see the leaflet.
*The next day will be held in Kutchan Town.
Hokkaido Alien Counseling Center

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