News of 190th town development townsman lecture holding "we extend healthy life expectancy by housing and town development!-Let's learn from global warming measure of Nagano-"

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In the "2nd Niseko Town Eco-Model City Action Plan", greenhouse gas derived from buildings accounts for 70% of the total amount of emissions, and therefore the highest priority is given to the efficiency of energy consumption in buildings. .. Therefore, in order to refer to the policy of Nagano Prefecture, which precedes in this field, when proceeding with the examination of concrete efforts, we held a townsman lecture with Associate Professor Shinichiro Tanaka of Chiba University of Commerce who was involved in the system construction as a lecturer. I decided to do it. Nagano Prefecture is still trying to extend Japan's best healthy life expectancy through measures against global warming in housing and community development. Niseko Town while introducing you also overview of the initiatives that you plan the future with, "Why warming of housing and urban development will extend the healthy life expectancy?" "It's Niseko Town, such as whether it is possible even?", I want to answer everyone's questions to We are looking forward to your participation. When participating, please wear a mask to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, and refrain from participation if you are uncomfortable with a cough or fever.
■Date and time Tuesday, July 28, 18:00 to 20:00 (planned)
■ place Niseko Town residents Center Great Hall
■ Lecturer Shinichiro Tanaka Associate Professor, Chiba University of Commerce
Representative Director, Regional Policy Design Office
Niseko Town Environmental and Energy Strategy Advisor
■Participation Free participation, no application required.
■If you would like to use the daycare, please apply to the following inquiries by Tuesday, July 21.
*You can download the leaflet (PDF) below.

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