Participate in an online emigration consultation event!


We will exhibit at the following emigration events and answer emigration consultation online.
On the day of the event, the family will move in, start up a business, and have an evacuation counselor who is raising children.
We would appreciate it if you could know Niseko from the live voices of migrants.
Please feel free to contact us at this opportunity.
First of all, it is very welcome even from the story.

 * Niseko Town will only participate on June 27th
 *In addition to this event, online consultation is available at the Niseko Town Migration Consultation Service. For details, please see the following site.

Overview of "Everyone's Migration Festival 2020 Online"
Date and time: June 26th (Friday) and 27th (Saturday) June 2020, 2 days
Time: 10:00-16:00 (planned)
Meeting place: "Everyone's Emigration Festival 2020 Online" website *URL will be released at a later date
Contents: Online holding of related population and migration fairs
Management company: Kayak LIVING management office

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