About emergency support operating cost subsidy such as medium and small-sized business infection prevention measures


In Hokkaido, in order to prevent infection in the main road and promote regional commercial activation by supporting measures such as new coronavirus infection prevention measures implemented by local shopping districts and sales promotion measures for nest nest consumption, etc.・We will carry out emergency support projects such as infection prevention measures for small businesses.

Subject recipient

(1) A shopping district organization that has a legal personality among the groups that constitute the shopping district
(2) Organizations centering on the Chamber of Commerce and Industry
(3) An organization consisting of multiple businesses within the same municipality. However, there is a representative stipulated by the agreement, etc., and a person who can properly manage the property, etc.

Subject business

We support the following efforts made by the target person.
(1) Prevention of infection spread and consumption promotion support project
・Infection prevention: Purchase of masks, disinfectants, cleaning tools, temperature measuring devices, spraying disinfectants, etc.
・Promotion of consumption: sales promotion leaflets/posters, printing of coupons/gifts, etc.

(2) Shared facility maintenance business
・Facility maintenance and repair, etc. to prevent the congestion of shared facilities, etc.

Auxiliary content

・Aid rate: Within 3/4
*If the total amount of subcontracting exceeds the budget, the subsidy rate will be adjusted and the decision will be made.
・Subsidy upper limit: 1 million yen per group
*If the implementing entity is the person (3) targeted for the above assistance, the maximum amount is 100,000 yen for each of the constituent businesses.

Recruitment period

2020 (2020) June 1 (Mon)-July 10 (Fri)
※(General) Promotion Bureau must arrive

Contact Information

Commerce Promotion Section, Small Business Division, Regional Economic Affairs Bureau, Economic Affairs Department
電話 011-204-5341
FAX 011-232-8127
*Apply to the (General) Promotion Bureau


Kutchan-cho Northern 1 Azabu 2 chome
Industry Promotion Department Commerce and Labor Tourism Division Commerce and Labor Section
電話 0136-23-1362


Application method/application form

Please see the link below for the application method and the form required for application.

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