Deliver emigration information in a more understandable way! Established emigration portal site and emigration support Twitter


Niseko Town In order to enhance the support system for resettlement and settlement, the town has a consultation counter in the Niseko central warehouse group outside the government office, and a resettlement and settlement support member is assigned.
Furthermore, in order to disseminate easy-to-understand information that is specialized for emigration, the emigration and settlement support staff will play a central role in establishing and operating a portal site that summarizes emigration information and emigration support twitter.
Both have just started, and we will continue to enhance the amount of information and the amount of information transmitted, so if you are interested in moving to Niseko Town, living in two areas, living, etc., please use it.
COVID-19 we are refraining from visiting and moving to the town, so we would like to Niseko Town
In addition, please feel free to consult with the counselor regarding any concerns and future plans (online consultation is under consideration).

In addition, information such as migrant interviews is also posted on the “Emigration / Settlement” content on the Niseko Town official website.

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