Publication of information on applications for agricultural committee candidates (as of interim report February 7)


We announce information about applicants pertaining to agriculture committee who began recruitment from January 14, as follows based on laws and regulations.
Number of nominees and applicants [12 applicants]
Nominated people (recommended by farmers) 0 (including 0 certified farmers)
Nominated people (recommended by agricultural organizations) 0 (including 0 certified farmers)
Nominated people (other organizations recommended) 0 (including 0 certified farmers)
0 applicants (including 0 certified farmers)
Grounds (reference)
・ Act on the Agriculture Committee, etc. (Act No. 88 of 1951), Article 9, Paragraph 2, and Article 6, Paragraph 1, of the Enforcement Regulations of the Act
・ Rules Article 6 Clause 3 regarding the election of Niseko Town Agricultural Committee

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