Niseko High School "Activity Report" Held (Repost)


In the Municipal Hokkaido Niseko High School, the "activity report meeting" that high school students to present their research results at the activities and major group of one year, February 5 (water) from 5 pm Niseko Town with people Center, a public form Will be held at
This activity reporting meeting is a great opportunity to know the educational activities and school life of Niseko High School. After each report "Q & A response" is also done. We are waiting for opinions and questions from everyone.

Hosting requirements
Date and time: 2020 (2020) Wednesday, February 5, 5 pm to 7 pm
Location:Niseko Town residents Center first floor of the Great Hall

Order of presentation
1 Life culture group "Our hospitality-aiming for the development of new tourism resources"
2 Natural Environment Group “Town Flower Lavender Utilization Project-SDGs Future City Niseko”
3rd grade overseas hotel training report
4 Domestic Training Report for Grade 4 Advancement
5 Grade 1 activity report
6 2nd grade tour report
7 Announcement of agricultural club “D High Revolution-Mutual Assistance Connected by Club Members”

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