Hokkaido! There is work.
Hokkaido Shishibeshi General Promotion Bureau,
A work conference will be held at the Dosanko Exchange Terrace.
* For those who want to live while working in Hokkaido, we will introduce work and housing in the Shishishi region.
* Consultation with our employment agency is free.
* Those who wish to change jobs, those who want to work for half a year, or those who want to know the state of the future.
* Any consultation is welcome.
“Agriculture in summer and snowboarding in winter.
"I want to live in Hokkaido, but it's better than Sapporo. But I can't drive a car. Is there a place you can live somewhere?"
“I have never been in winter, but is it hard to snow?”
“I wanted to work in the countryside of Hokkaido!”
If you are familiar with this, please consult at this opportunity!
Since it will be held for two days, please come at a convenient date and time.

Date: December 21 (Sat) and 22 (Sun), 2019
Holding time: From 10:00 to 18:00

We look forward to your visit!

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