Niseko Town we are reviewing the “ Niseko Town Autonomy and Regeneration Comprehensive Strategy”, which aims to strengthen community-based activities with townspeople in the future to overcome the problem of population decline.
This town development townsman lecture will further strengthen the Niseko Town's future vision, “Niseko City for Environmental Creation,” taking into account the progress made in the overall strategy, changes over the past five years, and new perspectives. The aim is to find the right approach.

For the study, we invited Mr. Nobuhiro Kanai (Ministry of the Environment), who is currently involved in the formulation of a comprehensive strategy and is currently working as a regional revitalization concierge for the town, to promote regional revitalization throughout the country, SDGs future cities, and Eco-Model City We collect tips on reviewing our overall strategy through thinking together with everyone on how to grasp the recent movements in town planning, including action plans.

We look forward to the participation of many townspeople.

Date: 2019 Thursday, November 28, 6:00 pm-
Location: Niseko Central Warehouse Group Old starch factory
Speaker: Nobuhiro Kanai Director, Resource Circulation Division, Chubu Regional Environmental Office, Ministry of the Environment
Niseko Town Regional Revitalization Concierge
Local revitalization human resources support system Dispatch (H27-28)
Contents: About review of comprehensive strategy: Planning environment section
Future prospects realized by self-government creation: Kanai Concierge
Opinion exchange, summary


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