About SDGs Future City Niseko Town Planning Exhibition -Familiar SDGs-


Niseko Town was selected by the government in June 2018 as an “SDGs Future City”.
The SDGs are translated as “Sustainable Development Goals” and are unified and adopted by the United Nations by 2030. With 17 goals, such as "Energy for everyone and clean" and "Creating a city where people can continue to live", we believe that it has a strong relationship with Niseko Town town development.
Since last year, a special exhibition has been held at the Niseko Town Cultural Festival as an opportunity for everyone to know about the SDGs. In addition to panel displays, there are also simple quiz displays, so you can easily learn about the SDGs.
Since it is exhibited at the cultural festival venue, please also look at the SDGs exhibition as well as each presentation and exhibition of the cultural festival. We are waiting for everyone's exhibition.
■ Date / November 1st (Friday)-4th (Tuesday) 9: 00-22: 00
■ location /Niseko Town people Center first floor lobby
■ Planning and production of exhibits: International Cooperation Organization (JICA)
■ Cooperation of Exhibits: National Science Museum Collaboration Council
For more details, please contact the government planning and environment section, self-government creation section, telephone 44-2121 Kawasaki in charge.


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