Regarding the Niseko Town SDGs Future City Plan, we have made public comments as follows.
The comments and answers we received are as follows.

In addition, at the occasion of this public comment, the public awareness of the SDGs, the method of community participation, energy consumption in the Niseko area, the energy performance notification system for buildings planned to be implemented in the Eco-Model City action plan, and the public comment We also have opinions on methods.
About these, we will reply individually to those who have given their opinions, and we will consider them as considerations and future references as valuable opinions.


Niseko Town Regarding the SDGs Future City Plan, it is necessary to revise the contents of the plan together with the contents of the “Second Eco-Model City Action Plan” formulated in 2018. We are looking for opinions.

[Revised plan]Niseko Town SDGs Future City Plan
[Period of inspection] 2019 October 24 from (Thursday) 2019 up to October 30 (Wed.) 17:00
[Inspection place]Niseko Town Office Planning Environment Section, this homepage
[Acceptance period of the opinion] 2019 October 24 from (Thursday) 2019 until October 30 (Wednesday) 17
[Destination of opinion]Niseko Town Office Planning Environment Section
Phone: 0136-44-2121
Mail: jichi ● ● is converted to @
[Publication of submitted opinion items] Scheduled for Thursday, October 31, 2019, Niseko Town Hall Planning and Environment Division, Town website

* The revision of the plan is basically done in conjunction with the progress of the progress assessment of the SDGs Future City Plan, and it will be done based on the advice of the national experts' meeting. It becomes revision in.


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