About “NISEKO Life / Model District” Business Briefing


Niseko Town was selected as the SDGs Future City in FY2018, and is working on sustainable development of a new block to respond to population growth.
First, in fiscal 2018, we organized the business concept of this block while conducting a publicity briefing, a town development townsman lecture, and a special feature in Niseko.
This time, we will hold a briefing session to inform everyone about this business concept and future developments and to get their opinions.

Participation is free. No application is required.
 Childcare is possibleSo,If you wish, please contact us in advancePlease give me.
There will also be an individual consultation corner. Please use it if you want to consult separately from the explanation, or if you want to check the contents in more detail.

About this businessYou do n’t need to know in advanceis.
We are especially looking forward to your participation.
・ I live in Niseko Town
・ I know people who want to live in Niseko Town
・ Considering relocation in town

Toki 2019 September 17 (Tue)
From 6:30 pm
Until 8:00 pm
Tokoro Town Hall Center Small Hall

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