Opening of the 6th Niseko Town Council Regular Meeting in 2019


Date: September 10 (Tue) to 18 (Wed)
11th to 17th are closed
Place: Niseko-cho town office 2 floor section
* General questions will be held on the 18th

Deliberate on bills
Committee report No. 1: Report on the results of the jurisdictional investigation (General Affairs Standing Committee)
Committee Report No.2: Report on the results of administrative work (Industrial Construction Standing Committee)
Report No. 1: About Niseko Town restoration judgment ratio and fund shortage ratio in 2018
Certification No. 1: About Niseko-cho accounting revenue and expenditure financial statements
Approval No. 1: About Approval of Cases Dispensed (Niseko First Year Niseko General Account Supplementary Budget)
Proposal No. 1: About change of contract contract (Kondo Elementary School indoor gymnasium large-scale renovation construction (construction-based construction))
The bill second: About designation of designated manager (Niseko-cho compost center) (in the following, explanation of reason for proposal)
Proposal No. 3: Niseko-cho Forest Environment Transfer Tax Fund Ordinance
Proposal No. 4: Part of the ordinance on special taxation on property tax accompanying the application of the Special Measures Law for Depopulated Area Independence Promotion
The regulations to revise
Bill No. 5: Niseko Town Specific Education / Nursery Facility and Specified Regional Type Childcare Project, Specified Child / Child Care Support Facility, etc.
The regulations to revise all of the regulations that establish the standards for the management of
Bill No. 6: Niseko Town Specific Education / Nursery Facility and Part of the Ordinance on User Burden of Specific Regional Childcare Business
The regulations to revise
The bill seventh: The regulations to revise a part of the Niseko-cho seal regulations
The bill eighth: The regulations to revise a part of the regulations about setting and management of Niseko-cho compost center
The bill ninth: The regulations to revise a part of the regulations about setting of Niseko-cho infant center and management
Bill No. 10: Niseko Town General Account Supplementary Budget
Bill 11th: Niseko Town Simple Water Supply Business Special Account Supplemental Budget
Proposal No. 1: Draft opinion requesting prompt ratification of the Protocol for the Discrimination against Discrimination against Women
Proposal No. 2: Draft of opinion for enhancement and strengthening of measures for the growth of forestry and timber industries


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