About holding of "Regional SDGs Seminar in Shishi" (hosted by Hokkaido)


In Hokkaido, seminars are held in each region of Hokkaido to expand the scope of SDGs efforts in each region.
We will inform you that the Shishishi region will be held at the following location.
The planned SDGs card game is a game aimed at understanding SDGs through experience. It is often implemented in companies, local governments and schools. ,

About @SDGs, please see the following "SDGs future city" (link in Niseko Town homepage).

Date: 2019 (2019) September 2 (Mon) 13: 30-16: 00
Venue: Shishi General Promotion Bureau 2nd Floor Auditorium (Kutchan Town North 1 East 2chome)
Contents: SDGs card game and talk-style lecture (planned)
Participation: Free (capacity 50), anyone can participate
Application: Regional Policy Division, Regional Revitalization Department, Shiki General Promotion Bureau
    FAX 0136-22-0948
E-mail shiribeshi.shiribeshi1 ◎ pref.hokkaido.lg.jp convert ◎ to @

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