Announcement of health promotion lecture meeting


I will give a speech to a midwife who is opening in Makkari village about the body of women changing with age, the mechanism of female hormones, and one point advice on life.
For yourself, for your family ... Please participate by anyone regardless of gender, age.

Date and time Wednesday, February 27 (Wednesday) 10: 30-11: 30
Location Niseko Town residents Center 2F training room 1
Title "Let's get on well for the rest of my life!" The body of a woman "and" Female hormone "
~ The secret of youth is inside the body Part 2 ~ "
Mr. Junko Namiuchi, director of the midwifery instructor

※ We will do babysitting on the day, but as there are limited number of people accepted, please apply by day of Wednesday, 20th February.

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