About holding a citizen briefing cherry blossom district in Sakura Complex for the formation of a new living space (model area) near the urban area


Today Niseko Town has scheduled planning of residential land development in a new concept different from the past, in the area near the city area, and we are starting to create the plan.
In this plan, we will introduce new concepts such as "Reduce energy consumption as a whole district and return it to the area with its reduced energy cost" or "Design the way of living where community activities are activated more from the beginning" We are planning. We are calling this project "NISEKO Living / Model District Building Project" as a way to create a new living space for sustainable town development, as well as a model area to serve as a sample for the future.
In addition, we plan to take into consideration the living environment of everyone in the neighborhood in implementing this project, but following the previous residents' briefing session held in December, even in this briefing session, I would like to explain to the citizens of the cherry blossom estates mainly about the proposal plan and to ask opinions.
Participation is free, application is unnecessary. We are waiting for the participation of many people, both those who participated in the previous briefing session and those who are not.

Date and time: February 10 (Sun), 6:30 pm ~
Place: Niseko town center training room 1
Explanation: Niseko Town Office Office Planning & Environment Section
(One company) Club Vauban: entrusted business operator of planning business
Subject: Mainly Sakura Complex Area Inhabitants, everyone else can participate
Application: not required

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