We are exchanging batteries for disaster prevention radio


Distribution of disaster prevention radio in town
Today, the recommended time to replace the rechargeable battery of "disaster prevention radio" distributed to town residents and business establishments in town in town has passed. Although it is possible to use it as it is even if the replacement recommended time has passed, it is considered that the rechargeable battery is deteriorated depending on the frequency of disaster prevention radio use. If you see the following symptoms, if you bring your disaster prevention radio to the office, you will exchange it for a new rechargeable battery for free.

· The batteries disappear in a few hours after removing the adapter although the charging lamp of the disaster prevention radio is lit
(You can usually listen to the radio for about one to two days after removing the adapter)
· Even if the adapter is connected it will not charge

※ Since you can not hand over the rechargeable battery only, please bring your disaster prevention radio to the office

In addition, please contact the office if there is a malfunction such as malfunction of disaster prevention radio body. We will exchange it for repaired disaster prevention radio.

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