About Hokkaido Shinkansen, Kombu Tunnel (Miyata Ward Area) Construction Briefing Session held


It is a notification from the rail transportation organization.


Niseko Town for the construction of the Hokkaido Shinkansen kelp tunnel passing through the (work area Miyata) has passed three years from construction start, the acceptance area of the excavated soil generated by drilling the future (soil generated) newly generated, transportation of waste soil The route will also be changed.
Therefore, we will hold a briefing session on summary of transportation route, transit time, etc. as follows.

◇ Date and time November 14 (Wednesday), 18: 00 ~
◇ location Niseko Town residents Center
◇ Description Vehicle traffic route, traffic safety measures, others
◇ Contact Information
Kajima, Goshi, Miyasaka, Arai Construction construction joint enterprise body
Shinkansen kelp tunnel JV construction office
  TEL 0136-43-2866

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