Niseko Town Public inspection and solicitation for public sewerage business plan change


The Honcho Public Sewerage Project has been conducting diligent projects for the planned treatment area of 119.0ha since the project was approved in October 1994, and its maintenance status was 113.8ha at the end of FY2017 (maintenance rate of 95.6ha). %)is. On the other hand, the construction of the sewage treatment plant started in FY 1997 and started operation in November 2000. This change extends the period of the business plan as it will end at the end of 2018. In addition, the future administrative population of the “Fifth Niseko Town Comprehensive Plan (H24-35)” is the future that was formulated in the “ Niseko Town Self-Government Revitalization Comprehensive Strategy (Population Vision / Comprehensive Strategy)” formulated in FY2015. We review planned population from being reviewed following administrative population. Other plans will be consistent with actual results in recent years and will be based on actual circumstances.

Prior to changing the Niseko Town Specific Environmental Conservation Public Sewerage Business Plan, it is necessary to provide it for general inspection. The information will be posted on the notice board and will be available for inspection on the website.
The contents of authorization change this time are as follows.

Overall plan change
Overall plan Change beforeAfter change
Drainage area area120.0ha125.0ha
Planned population2,500 people2,410人
Planned water volume838 m 3 / day844 m 3 / day
Change business plan
Business plan Change beforeAfter change
Authorization plan Project completion yearHeisei 30Heisei era35 year
Drainage area area119.0ha124.0ha
Planned population2,480人2,390人
Planned water volume832 m 3 / day837 m 3 / day

Period of public inspection and others

Period: until October 26 (Friday) Heisei 30
Where:Niseko Town Office Water and Sewerage Section

Opinion acceptance period

Period: until October 26 (Friday) Heisei 30
Place:Niseko Town Office Water and Sewerage Section

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