Minimum wage in Hokkaido has been revised


The minimum wage in Hokkaido applied to users who operate business in Hokkaido and all workers working in the workplace (temporary, part-time, part-time job etc.) will be revised as follows.

Minimum wage Amount of time 835 yen

Effective date October 1, Heisei 30

○ The minimum wage does not include senior allowance, commuting allowance, family allowance, wages paid temporarily and extra wages such as non-extra time.
○ If you do not pay wages above the minimum wage amount, you may be punished as a minimum wage law violation.
○ Specific industries ("processed milk · milk drinks, dairy products, sugar manufacturing industry", "steel industry", "electronic components / devices · electronic circuits, electrical machinery and equipment, information and communication machinery and equipment manufacturing industry", "ship manufacturing · Hokkaido's specific (industry-specific) minimum wage will be applied to those working in "Repair work, hull block manufacturing industry").

For detailed information, please contact the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Hokkaido Labor Bureau homepage (external link) or below.

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Hokkaido Labor Bureau
労働基準部 賃金室 Tel:011-709-2314(内線 3533)


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