"Hokkaido Niseko Machi Day" will be held at the Japan Ham Kamagaya Stadium!

Sightseeing and event information

Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters Niseko Sponsoring Association will hold "Hokkaido Niseko Machi Day" at the Kamagaya Stadium, which is the base of two fighters of the Fighters, to PR for Niseko town everyone in the Kanto region!
On the day, as a gift as a visitor, we prepare "Night drink yoghurt" of Niseko Milk Studio for the first 500 people. This day also holds "Kamisuta ☆ Great Hokkaido Festival" at the same time. Please come and visit us.

Date / Time on September 23 (Sunday) 11:30 am -
Place / Kamagaya Stadium in Chiba Prefecture (459 Nakazawa, Kamagaya City, Chiba Prefecture)

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