2018. 6th Niseko Town make the Parliament regular meeting general questions


Date and time: Wednesday, September 19th, 10: 00
Place:Niseko Town Hall 2F
From 20:00 on that day, we will also record broadcasts on radio Niseko.

Ichikawa Ichiro Representative (1) About support measures for small-scale lodging business operators
Takeuchi Masakato (2) About the construction of the new government building
Mr. Shinohara Masao (3) Regional disaster prevention plan and its feasibility
Shoji Arai Rep. (4)Niseko Town for chronic leaders shortage in the
Saito Umeko (5) On the effectiveness of the "Candidate Gender Equality Act" toward the Realization of a "Gender Equality Society"
(6) About wearing slacks of junior high school girls' students
(7) About "School bag" and "Tsutomu"
Mitsuya Norihisa (8) About so-called "childcare leave"
(9) Revision of Water Supply Law and Niseko Town Water Supply Business
Yuzo Kinoshita Congressman (10) About "accommodation tax" of tourist tax
Representative of Yuzo Aoba (11) Activity support for each organization of the sports association
Representative Kazuhiko Hamamoto (12) About treated water by setting up a septic tank

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