2020 for the holding of the degree of children Parliament meeting


Eleven elementary, junior high, and high school students from Niseko Town will become children's members and hold a "Children's Council Members Round-table Conference" to ask the mayor about town development in Niseko Town.
It is a valuable opportunity for the members of the Diet to experience the town council and to reflect the opinions of the children in the town development based on Article 11 of the Niseko Town Basic Regulations of Community Development.
In addition, from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infections this year, we will hold a congressional form with a reduced number of attendees instead of the parliamentary form as in the usual year.
Anyone can listen to it, so please take a look. However, since the seats are widely spaced, there is a limit (10 seats) for the listening seats, and once the number of seats is reached, you will be able to visit from outside the glass-walled conference room. Thank you for your understanding.

◇Schedule Reiwa August 5, 2020 (Wednesday) 10:00 am to 11:30 am
◇Location Training Room 1 on the 2nd floor of the Niseko Town Townsman Center (10 listening seats will be provided.)

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