"JR Niseko Station sign board dog received" station manager hat "!

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"Nupuri" Mr. Matsuda couple, Hardy, Yokozuki Kutchan Station manager

Akita dog "Hardy" as a signboard dog at Niseko station, "JR Hokkaido" and "Niseko resort tourist association" gave a "station manager hat".

Hardy is Akita dog of three months old, it is a bowl of tea ceremony "Nupuri" at JR Niseko station premises.
Since there are many things in front of the station on nupli business day, please come to Niseko to see Hardy "station manager" by all means!

Tea ceremony

In Niseko coffee shop "Nupuri" located at the Niseko station premises, besides specialty curry and coffee, various menu such as fried rice and udon can be tasted. It is a taste loved by tourists and townspeople for a long time.
The distinctive "black" curry is also being commercialized by Rupicia Gourmand.

Address:Niseko Town 142-1 Chuo-dori (JR Niseko Station)
Opening Hours: 11 am - 7 p.m
Closed: Wednesday

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"Station manager" Hardy

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