Furusato Resident Card Nickname determination


"Furusato Resident card" When nickname · opinion was recruited, we received a wonderful idea and opinion from everyone. Thank you very much.
As a result of selecting ideas from everyone, I decided on "Niseko An card Niseko an card".
We will notify you from time to time as we decide on card design etc in future.


"Niseko Ancard Niseko an card"

Reason for nickname determination

・ The name must have an originality of Niseko Town that cannot be used anywhere else from the old place name “Niseko-an”.
· The word "Nisekoan" is also used in Takeshi Arishim's novel, because this card name can associate various Niseko.
· Because 'Ahn' of 'Nisekoan' has meaning of '~' in Ainu language, it can be caught as meaning of Niseko's "card".

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