We hold the 26th Niseko Town Environmental Council


We hold the 26th Niseko Town Environmental Council as follows.
This council is open to the public based on the town development basic ordinance, so anyone can listen to it. If you wish to listen, please come to the venue directly.
Date and time: June 11th (Monday) 1:30 pm - (about 2 hours)
Location: Small Hall of Town Planning Center
(1) Reported matter
· Major efforts related to the environment in FY2007 based on the Second Environmental Basic Plan
・ Main environmental initiatives for Eco-Model City 2017
(2) Items to be discussed
· Schedule of main initiatives for the environment in FY2003
· Enhancement of energy structure · Conversion promotion promotion project
· Dissemination awareness on global warming countermeasures (carbon dioxide emission countermeasure project)
· Logging of trees in the National Parks etc. in the development of geothermal resources
・The regulations to revise a part of Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance
(3) Other

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