Constellation Reponent Concert Noigoya Akiko String Ensemble in NISEKO

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No Notoyani Annko string ensemble

A stringed ensemble led by violinist Naotoko Noyatani, a self-made song whose theme is Hokkaido's natural theme. Members are active in solo, chamber music, orchestra etc based in Hokkaido. Three organizations of violin and cello duo (VirtuRose), two violin and cello trio (Trio Bella), quartet (Quartet Poppo), a wide range of repertory that can be enjoyed from classical masterpieces to Pops, Noigoryya Noriko homebrew songs from children to adults Playing.

Date and time

Saturday, June 9, 2018 (Saturday) 14: 00 opening (13: 30 opening)


Niseko Town Arishima Memorial Hall Art Hall


(On June 9, due to 'Constellation Episode' remembering the death of Takeshi Arishima, you can enter for free)


Niseko Inc.
Niseko Town Arishima Memorial Hall

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