[Available at any time] Part of the construction cost of private rental housing will be subsidized


In the town, a system to support a part of the construction cost for individuals or corporations that build private rental housing that meets the standards set by the town from FY2018 "Niseko Town We carry out "promotion assistance business".
This system promotes the reduction of environmental impact in the town and the improvement of the quality of life of residents by supplying private rental housing superior in heat insulation performance and sound insulation performance by assisting a part of the construction cost. The purpose is to form a good and good rental housing stock for maintaining and improving a sustainable living environment.
We accepted the prior consultation in April this year as well, but since we have not reached the fixed number, we will accept the prior consultation from time to time.
For more details, please see the following page of Niseko Town Environmental Impact Reduction Model Apartment Housing Maintenance Promotion Project.

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