Implementation of simulated fire training accompanying fire fighting anniversary

Mt. Yotei Firefighting Association Niseko firefighting team and Niseko branch office will carry out simulated training accompanying the fire fighting anniversary day from 6:30 pm on March 5 (Mon) at 6 central town. Around 14:30, siren is blown and fire truck is activated, but since it is not a disaster, please make sure not to make a mistake.
Also, since we regulate some traffic near the training place, please follow the direction of traffic guidance person when passing.
We are very sorry for the people living near you, but we appreciate your cooperation.

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For simulated fire training, please contact below.
Mt. Yotei Firefighting Association Fire Department Niseko Branch Office
Person in charge: Sasaki, Kudo

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Mt. Yotei Firefighting Association Niseko Branch Office