About the results of the preliminary examination of remuneration and expenses fee compensation fee compensation plan ordinance amendment to part-time special employee officials

In consideration of the increase in the work volume of part-time special jobs, the situation of neighboring towns and villages, and the balance with other members, in revising the increase of the remuneration of Audit Committee, Education Committee, Agriculture Committee, Election Management Committee, Fixed Asset Evaluation Committee, We will solicit opinions in accordance with the provisions of Article 54 of the Niseko Town Basic Regulations of Community Development.
Regarding the revision above, we have carried out public inspection and opinion public offering (public comment) as below and will tell about the result.

About the preliminary results

  • Period of posting: November 20, 2007 (Monday) to November 30 (Thu) Heisei 30
  • General inspection location:Niseko Town bulletin board, General Affairs Division, homepage
  • Opinion and content: No opinion.

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