The 6 th Congressional briefing session - We will hold an exchange meeting with people of townspeople

Niseko Town in the parliament, an attempt to the activities of the parliament to be more familiar, while to tell the state of the Congress, we would like to exchange opinions. Therefore, please feel free to participate as it will be held as follows.

Hosting requirements

When: 2 hours from 18:30 on Wednesday, December 6 (Wednesday)
Where:Niseko Town citizens center second floor training room 1

Some of the content

  • Holding situation of Heisei 29 year council
  • Matters where there were questions etc in "Congressional report / opinion exchange meeting with townspeople" in Heisei 28
  • Heisei 29-year council meeting held

Attendance delegates

  • Chairperson Takahashi
  • Inoku Vice-Chairperson
  • Rep. Kinoshita
  • Representative Hamamoto
  • Rep. Aoku
  • Representative Saito
  • Representative Takeuchi
  • Representative Mitani
  • Shinohara
  • Representative Arai

Contact Us

For opinion exchange meetings, please contact below.
Niseko Town Parliament Secretariat
Contact: Satake · Nakano

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