5th 2017 Niseko Town Parliament regular meetings, make the general question

2017 5th Niseko Town in Parliament regular meeting, do the general question.
This time there are 12 questions from seven lawmakers. On the evening of the day, we will record broadcasts of general questions at radio Niseko.

About Parliament regular meeting

Date and time: From December 19 (Tuesday) 10 o'clock on Heisei 20
Place:Niseko Town Hall 2F

Representative name and question subject

Representative Ichiroku Ichiro

(1) About the home tax payment system

Representative Julem Saito

(2) About Sovereign Education
(3) Peace education
(4) About the policy of Niseko high school new year student recruitment and its countermeasure
(5) Countermeasures against cats without owners

Representative of Yuzo Aoba

(6) On the fountain of Kikunanu

Masaki Takeuchi Congressman

(7) Strengthening of the ground for the improvement of the state-owned field and removal of stone gravel

Representative Kazuhiko Hamamoto

(8) About general waste disposal

Yuzo Kinoshita Congressman

(9) About Tourism Purpose Tax
(10) About Radio Niseko

Mr. Noriaki Mitani

(11) Explain to townspeople about 'solid waste treatment system for solid waste'
(12) About the project for promoting understanding and conversion of energy structure
Radio broadcasting: Tuesday, December 19, from 20 o'clock
You can also ask about it on a personal computer. Please watch from the following.

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