We will conduct urban design lecture about the second Olympic Winter Games


Sapporo city aims to hold the Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in 2026, but the Niseko area is a candidate site for the alpine skiing at that time.
What are the positive effects of hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Niseko Town? On the other hand, it is expected that there are many problems and issues.
This time, we will report on the visit to the Pyeongchang Olympics and Paralympic Games in Korea and the latest information on the Olympics, and share your opinion on how Niseko Town needs to respond to the Olympics and Paralympics. We hold townsman lecture to think in workshop form with everybody while referring to and suggestion.
Why do not you attend those who are interested in the Olympic and Paralympic Games and participate in it together?

Course requirements

  • Date and time: From April 17 (Tue) 19: 00 to 20: 30 Heisei 30
  • Venue:Niseko Town citizens center second floor training room 1


(1) Outline of the Olympic and Paralympics and explanation of the latest information
(2) Report on the visit to the Pyeongchang Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games
(3) Workshop format, examining what to expect and problems / issues

For details, please see the following leaflet.

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