【Free】 Ski bus test in town!


Niseko Town in, "as follows:Niseko Town has been test runs in the ski bus" by fare free.
"Wakko bus" will get crowded during the winter season, so please use by all means to pick up and drop off to the ski resort. Also, anyone can use it.

Operation period

The following period from December 25, Heisei 30 through March 31,

(1) From 25th December to 15th January (every day during winter holiday) Ski area "From" to the city only (end)
(2) From January 16th to February 28th (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only) From ski area to skiing area "Go" only
(3) From March 1 to March 23 (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays only) Skiing area "going out" from the city area and "returning" from the ski area to the city area
(4) March 24 - March 31 (All day) From ski area to skiing area "go" and from ski area to city area "return"

"Return" can use the "Niseko tour bus (fee)" operated until February 28 and the demand bus "Hikotanbus".
For the details of the Niseko tour bus, naughty bus, please see below.

Niseko Town in a ski bus service section

Go to: (1) to (4) of the above schedule

Stopping stopDeparture time (one flight one way)
Niseko station front7:50
General gymnasium7:55
Niseko Dentistry front7:58
Honma Mall8: 3
Moiwaski Field8:18
Annupuri ski resort8: 26
Greenleaf Hotel8:36
Hilton Niseko Village8:39

Return: From the above schedule (3) to (4)

Stopping stopDeparture time (one flight one way)
Moiwaski Field15:00
Annupuri ski resort15:08
Greenleaf Hotel15:18
Hilton Niseko Village15:21
Honma Mall15:33
Niseko Dentistry front15:38
General gymnasium15:41
Niseko station front15:46


It is free for trial operation.

Number of buses

Large car: 1 car
For the details of the ski bus operation section, please see the following.


When taking skis and stock into the car, the bus may sway greatly, so also to prevent injuries, either cover it or fix the one fixed with a band with a hand holding the glove firmly to prevent injury Please cooperate so we can get on the train.

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