We hold the third Niseko Town water supply council.

Niseko Town, we formulated a comprehensive water supply business plan “ Niseko Town Water Supply Vision” last year to review the current situation and issues of the water supply business in the town in order to realize a sustainable water supply business for the future.
As a result, the current waterwork fee can not cover the operation expenses of waterworks business, which highlighted the situation where it is impossible to renew the aging water infrastructure. In addition, the number of staff who specialize in water supply is decreasing, and it became clear also the problem that the information and technology of water facilities management can not be succeeded for the future.
In order to study how these issues should be dealt with this time, we set up the waterworks council of this year, review the facility renewal plan in the future and review the fee structure corresponding to the necessary expenses I did it.
We will hold the third round of this council's summary of this fiscal year as follows. Please do not hesitate to come to the venue as the council is open to the public.

Hosting requirements

  • Date and time of opening: February 19 (Monday) 1:30 pm
  • Venue: Training room 2nd floor, townspeople center 2

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