We will publish the project hearing in FY2003

In the town, we will do business hearing of FY2003 to everyone and do it.
In the project hearings, we receive explanations of the plan and direction of policy projects scheduled for the following fiscal year from the department in charge, and we will listen to the contents for future efforts and budget.
Anyone can interview listening freely. Since application is also unnecessary, please feel free to come by all means.
In addition, the date and time of implementation and the department of implementation may be changed rapidly. Just to be sure, it is safe to check the latest information by phone, website, etc. in advance.
  • Place: The 2nd Government Building Large Conference Room
  • Schedule: Please check the schedule below
  • Application: not required
  • Inquiries: General Affairs Section Finance Division Kawakawa Kane, Shimazaki, Hasebe

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