We raise members of Niseko Town Town Development Committee

The town has established the “Niseko Town Basic Regulations of Community Development” as a basic rule for promoting community development for residents.
Based on this ordinance, Niseko Town involved in self-government people as the subject of the development town, "as a forum for discussion for the various community development activities Niseko Town has established the Town Planning Committee".
We are pleased to invite 5 people from town people who can participate in this committee.

Activity content

(1) Opinion exchange on town planning activities in general
(2) Recommendations for town planning activities
(3) Opinions concerning selection of the town development support project
(4) Opinion concerning disposal of Niseko Town Hometown Development Fund
(5) Other matters deemed necessary for town planning activities

Number of activities: 3 to 4 times a year

Application requirements

  • Target: townspeople over the age of 18 (excluding office staff and parliamentarians)
  • Public invitation constant: 5 people
Niseko Town Basic Regulations of Community Development In accordance with the provisions of Article 31, Paragraph 2, we will consider the balance with the committee members who select in the town and make selections so that they are not biased towards one gender
  • Commission fee: no compensation

Recruitment period: until February 23 (Friday) Heisei 30


February 28, Heisei 30 to February 27 Heisei era (2 years from the first committee)
The 1st city development committee will be held as follows
  • Date: From Wednesday, February 28, Heisei 30 (Wed), 6 pm
  • Place: 2nd Floor Councilor Waiting Room

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