【Flower information】 Sakuragaoka Park information (as of April 25, 2017)

On the hill of "Sakuragaoka Park" in front of JR Niseko Station, the wild flowers of spring are in full bloom. With the warmth of the last few days, it is in full bloom at once, the carpet of purple color, Ezoengosaku is spreading.
I think that it is a great photo shoot day to see sightseeing (The charm may not be transmitted well because the picture is taken for the person in charge).
In Niseko, the blossoming of cherry blossoms is also approaching and the season of fresh greenery is approaching. Why don't you come and visit Niseko Town to enjoy spring.

Station surrounding information

Self-roasted coffee, herbal tea, homemade sweets, specialty nupuri curry are recommended.
There is also a popular lunch menu at Italian Izakaya directly operated by local Oomichi farm.
There is also a large parking lot directly opposite the station, and after walking, it is recommended to relax tiredness slowly at the hot springs.
You can purchase special products and souvenirs without using hot springs.
On the premises homemade bread and cake store "Mai Triée", it is undergoing refurbishment opening from April 20 th.
Facility refurbished agricultural warehouse that knows the history of Niseko. At "Old Starch Factory", a cafe is also provided and you can enjoy the relaxing time.
The place is about 100 meters ahead from JR Niseko Station towards the yellow Niseko Ohashi Bridge.
Niseko's familiar sightseeing spot with Niseko's special products, plus agricultural direct selling place and light snack corner.
There is also a tourist office, so leave Niseko here.

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