August 27 Niseko View Plaza Road Station "Autumn Harvest Festival / Great Thanksgiving Festival"

Autumn Harvest Festival · Great Thanksgiving Day

At the Niseko View Plaza Road Station, we will carry out the annual "Autumn Harvest and Great Gratitude Festival" every year.
This year, we will have many festival booths in the name of "Harvest".

In addition, we also upgrade the popular large lottery every year with more upgraded prizes and stocked luxury prizes.

Please join us.
  • Date and time: August 27, Sun (Sun) 8: 30-14: 00
  • Venue: Road Station Niseko View Plaza
  • Lottery tickets: at the direct sales office, information plaza building, food shop, for receipts of 1000 yen or more purchase, exchange for 1 lottery ticket at the exchange office. (Summation is not possible)
For details, please check with Facebook on View Plaza direct sale.

Lottery information

  • Lottery 1st time
Distribution of lottery tickets · · · 8:30 to 10:00 (first come first served basis)
Lottery · · · 10 o'clock - 11 o'clock
  • Lottery 2nd drawing
Distribution of lottery tickets · · · 10 o'clock to 12 o'clock (first come first served basis)
Lottery · · · 12 o'clock - 13 o'clock

The luxurious prizes you care about ...
  • 1st Niseko Mellon 5 Ball Set
  • "Kuraninsha" made with 100%Niseko Town sake rice
  • 3 Niseko Melon 2 Ball Set
  • 4, etc. Niseko Corn corn 10 pieces
  • 5 etc. Curry set
  • Special prize Niseko Hilton Village meal ticket
  • Other Tomato juice, hot spring bath tickets etc ... It is a luxury lottery with no losing! !

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