"Niseko · Artkau" artist determined! The design for the "2016 Niseko Art Cow" has been decided!

Niseko Town Office Commerce and Tourism Division was looking for artists to paint Niseko Art Cow.
We will inform you that we have decided on the best design award as a result of carefully selected selections from among our entries.
Painted cows will be displayed at the entrance of the Niseko Town Hall for a week starting in mid-July, and will be displayed at One Niseko Resort Tauwards afterwards.
By all means, go out to see the painted cow.

· Best Design Award
Theme: The Color of Niseko
Artist: Takaya Tetsuya
Design: design
The design for the "2016 Niseko Art Cow" has been decided!
Niseko Town Council Tourism and Industry Division was searching for a artist to repaint the towns cow from last years cow parade.
The attached images are we are excited to announce that attached design
The painted cow will be on display display from
mid July in the foyer at the Niseko Town Council for all interested parties to come and have a look at and will be on display at One Niseko
Resort Towers after this. Please help spread our local art by going and taking a photo and promoting it on SNS.

The cows theme is: The Color of Niseko
Artist Name: Mr Testuya Takai

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