Niseko Ekimae hot spring "Kira no yu" Bread & cake "Mai terrier" Grand opening! !

"Pan & cake specialty shop" Mai Torie "" will open at the community hall of Niseko Ekimae hot spring "Kira no yu" on April 30 (Saturday) and will open the grand opening.
With the opening of a restaurant which everyone was looking forward to, we will be able to relax "Kureunohu" even more than now.
"Mai trée" is a take-out specialty shop, so please enjoy it slowly at the Kikunoyu Community Hall · Balloon.
We are looking forward to your coming.
"Kira no yu" Pan & cake "Mai terrier" April 30 (Sat) Grand Opening

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In Kureunohu, we organize an event bath that keeps taste every month.

Facility information

Part 1: There is a fast charger for an electric car that can be used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
For everyone who has an electric car, you can charge your heart, your body and your car with Kurobo hot water.
Part 2: There are two drum type washer / dryers. Camping and going outdoors,
Both the body and the clothes are beautiful with Kureunohu.

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