We carry out energy saving diagnosis! (The application deadline for businesses is until August 20th!)

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My monthly utility bill is high and my head hurts. We want to save energy for the environment, but do you have any concerns about what to start with?
Or, those who think, "We are already doing energy saving ...". With a little investment, you may still be able to reduce costs and improve workplace comfort.
Following on from last year, also this year Niseko Town in the business of everyone (especially small and medium-sized farmers, pension, retail shops, restaurants, offices, etc.) to the target, energy experts visited the office, the consumption situation of energy We will investigate and propose specific measures for energy saving.
Please feel free to contact us as there is no diagnosis fee because it is outsourced to the town.

■ Application deadline: August 20th (Friday)
■ Inquiries: Niseko Town Co., Ltd. (Responsible = Murakami, Miyasaka)
■ Email address: info □ nisekomachi.co.jp (Please change □ to @.)

For details, please see the leaflet below.
Energy saving diagnosis

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