2021 of looking for a community development support business.

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Niseko Town, we support town-building activities by townspeople based on the purpose of the town-building basic regulations.
The town development support project is a system that subsidizes a part of expenses required for the subjective town planning activities performed by the townspeople's main group.
2021 make the degree of recruiting May 14 (Fri.). If you wish, please submit the relevant documents.
For details, please see the business outline. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

■ Target groups
It is for groups that meet all of the following requirements.
(1)Niseko Town organization that has a generally five or more members in the center of the people
(2) An organization with an activity base in the town
(3) Groups that are willing to work towards town development, actively engage in activities to revitalize the area
■ Target business
Lectures and debates, events to revitalize the region, businesses that use regional resources to lead to regional revitalization, community improvement activities to be conducted within the scope of a community association, etc.
■ Subsidy amount
■ Subsidy target expenses
Rewards, transportation costs, consumables costs, printing and binding costs, food costs (those deemed necessary for the business), postage, etc., usage fees and rents, raw material costs, equipment purchase costs (20% of the total subsidy costs) Within)
However, even for the target expenses, the following expenses are not covered.
(1) Constant operation, maintenance and management expenses of organizations
(2) Personnel expenses, rewards, food and beverage expenses and transportation expenses etc. for members of groups etc.
(3) Subsidies and subsidies for other organizations
(4) Expenses related to the sale of goods
(5) Expenses deemed unsuitable for other business
■ Subsidy period
2021 degree
■ Selection method
Regarding support decisions, the town mayor decides the following five points.
➀ Regional profitability, ➁ Feasibility, ➂ Effectiveness, ➃ Independence, ➄ Relevance
■ Application period
May 14th (Friday)
■ How to apply
Please submit the following documents by the deadline.
(1) Application form, proposal form, business account budget form (designated form)
(2) List of Members of Organizations
(3) Activity history of groups, etc.
(4) When holding a general meeting, the most recent General Meeting bill and minutes
(5) In cases where groups, etc. are developing contracts, etc., their contracts, etc.
(6) Other necessary documents, explanatory materials
■ Contact
Planning and Environment Division Corporate Planning Section: Yoshida, Hideyuki Sato
 電話:0136-44-2121    メール:kikaku@town.niseko.lg.jp

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