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Niseko Town, the rules for the Niseko Town sub-city planning area, landscape area, and restricted areas for specific use are enforced in some areas such as the Higashiyama, Soga, Niseko, and Moiwa districts.
These rules were put in place to reduce chaotic development and ensure that the surrounding environment was built.
Niseko Town City Planning Council has been established to ensure the smooth operation of the city planning administration of the main office, including such rules.
We are recruiting council members in order for the term of office to expire.

◎申込締切日  令和5年4月26日(水)

◎ How to apply Please contact the City Planning Section, City Construction Division, Niseko Town
          ・電話 0136-44-2121
          ・FAX 0136-44-3500
          ・E-mail  toshikei■■には@を入力してください)
          ・担当  宮、石倉、金澤
◎ Number of applicants We are recruiting one person.
Please note that if there are a large number of applications, the selection will be made.

◎ who can apply Niseko Town towards the people.

◎その他    任期:令和5年5月1日~令和7年4月30日(2年間)
(If the distance from your home to the town hall is 2km or more one way, the transportation fee is 400 yen)
Council meeting frequency: Once or twice a year (held as needed)

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