About extension of offer period of agriculture committee

Wanted information

2020 Since the term of the agricultural committee members expired in July, I was recruiting agricultural committee members from January 14th to February 21st, but the number of recruited members did not reach the maximum number. , The application period will be extended until March 6 (Friday).
1 recruitment content
Number of applicants 12 (including 3 neutral committee members who have no interest)
Term 2020 From July 20th to 2023 July 19th (3 years)
Part-time special staff in Niseko Town
Remuneration 293,000 yen per year + Agricultural land use accumulation remuneration 7,000 yen per day (actual payment)
(Chairman's position is 396,000 yen)

2 Main business contents
・ Deliberation on permission for transfer and conversion of farmland rights at the General Meeting of the Agricultural Committee
-Formulation of guidelines for optimizing the use of farmland, etc.
・ Consultation from farmers, advice and guidance to farmers
・ Activities for accumulating and consolidating farmland use)
・ Advising consultation on creating a person / farmland plan

3 How to recommend and apply
Please refer to the recruitment guide below, fill in the application form, and submit it by bringing or mailing within the application period.
* If you bring your application, please submit it between 8:30 am and 5:15 pm on weekdays.
* In the case of mailing, the postmark by March 6 is valid.
* The application period may be extended depending on the application status. If it is extended, it will be announced on the Niseko Town official website.

4 Recruitment information and application form
In addition to distributing in the government office agricultural administration section (agricultural administration section), you can also download from the following.
5 Reception period
2020 January 14th (Tuesday) to March 6th (Friday) of Reiwa (Must arrive)
6 Recruitment information
7 Selection method
The Agricultural Committee Candidate Evaluation Committee reviews the documents and selects and appoints them in reference to the evaluation criteria. * An interview may be conducted if necessary. In the case of interviews, details will be notified separately after the application period.
8 Disclosure of information about applicants
In accordance with laws and regulations, the following information regarding applicants will be released in the middle of the acceptance period (around early February) and after the end (around late February).
⑴ Name, occupation, age and gender of the recommender (individual)
名称 Name of recommender (corporate, organization, etc.), name of representative or manager, number of members, purpose, qualifications and requirements of members
氏 Name, occupation, age, gender, career, and agricultural management status of the nominee or applicant
別 Whether the nominee or applicant is a certified farmer or equivalent
理由 Reason for recommendation or application
9 Selection results
The appointment of the agriculture committee requires the consent of the town council, so the selection evaluation results will be notified in writing in late June.
10 Where to submit and contact
〒048-1595 Niseko Town character Fujimi 47
Niseko Town Agricultural Administration Division (Agricultural Administration Section) [Government Government Building 2F] Charge Sakai, Nakagawa
Telephone 0136-44-2121 (including 192)
E-mail: nousei (at mark) town.niseko.lg.jp
As detailed contents can be explained in government office agricultural administration section during offer period, please feel free to contact.

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