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This meeting is for the exchange of opinions and advice on health promotion projects, and the term of office is two years. In addition to community medicine and the welfare, the person in charge of health, committee is comprised from open call for participants committee, and it recruits some names from townspeople this time.

資格 Application qualification Person who can give an opinion to health promotion business in full 20 years old or more having address in Niseko-cho
募集 Application period: June 6-元 Year June 24-6 Year 24
募集 Recruiting number of people
職務 Duties and terms of office
Duties 1) Dissemination of correct knowledge of health promotion business, enlightenment
2) Collection of documents about various health promotion, advice about business administration
3) Advice on health based on the Health Promotion Act
4) Other necessary matters (we plan meetings and training sessions several times a year)
Term of Renewal Year July 1-Year 30 June 30 (2 years)
謝 No reward
申 込 Application “Application form” required for application is prepared for the Health and Welfare Division Health Care Section, so fill in the required items,
Please submit by the application deadline.

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Niseko Town Hall Health and Welfare Division Health Promotion Section

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